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There's a new Fife Council employee app available now!

Download it to any smartphone or tablet – your own devices and council ones – for emergency notifications, HR advice, employee benefit info, links to book holidays and much more. If you don’t have a phone/tablet you can still access our employee app from any internet-enabled computer.

Download Fife Council People from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

If you don’t have a smartphone/tablet – get the same info at fife.theemployeeapp.com 

  • The Newsfeed gives you the latest content at a glance – and you can like or comment on it.
  • The Explore section keeps useful info and links to other systems to hand so you can refer to them at any time
  • Alerts and notifications pop up on your device homescreen if there's urgent inormation for you (switch these off and on if you go on holiday)
  • You only see updates relevant to your team, Service, Directorate or all council employees.
  • Information is available to everyone involved at the same time – no need to wait for a cascade!
  • You won’t see updates that are only relevant to staff in other Services.

Register using the first six digits of your payroll number as your 'Account ID' to verify that you are a council employee.

Please select Allow Notifications. You won’t get loads, but it will let you know if there’s urgent information for you or alerts about an emergency situation.

See pages 2 & 3 of the attached guide for full instructions on installing the app and registering your account.

If you have any problems installing the app, registering for an account or logging in to your account, email fife@theemployeeapp.com but please note it may take 24-48 hours to receive a response.



The employee app is something quite different for the council. But you’ve been asking for a way to get consistent messages when you need them most…


We’ll review take up and usage at a couple of points through 2019 to see how the app’s working for people. There’s a feedback form within the app so you can let us know what you think.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get / install the Fife Council employee app?

These FAQs should help you install the app on personal and council devices.

If you're still having problems after checking these FAQs, please send the details of your issue to fife@theemployeeapp.com including the email address / payroll number you're using to try and register. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response from the support team.

  • Q.     How do I get the employee app on to my own phone or tablet?
    • On your smartphone or tablet, open the Apple “App Store” or Google “Play” store. Search for Fife Council People and ‘Get’. The app is free to download.

      When you first download it you’ll need to register your account – your “Account ID” must be the first six digits of your payroll number. Make sure you follow the rules for the password carefully.

  • Q.     How do I put the app on a council phone/tablet?
    • Open the MobiControl app from the home screen. Go to the Application Catalog (you might have to use the menu icon in the top left to see this option). Look for FC People and tap ‘Free’ or ‘Install’.

      You may see some pop-ups from Google Play. If you’re asked for payment card details, scroll down and hit Skip.

      When you first download the app you’ll need to register your account – your “Account ID” must be the first six digits of your payroll number. Make sure you follow the rules for the password carefully. 

  • Q.     Why can't I install the app on my council iPad?
    • If you're using a council iPad, it’s likely that you won’t be able to install any apps at the moment. An issue affected all council-managed iPads last summer and although they work in every other way, they’re unable to install apps. Unfortunately, the only way to fix this issue is to return the iPad to BTS for a rebuild. Once this is done the device will be able to install any app.

      Please log a request via First Contact noting that the iPad needs a rebuild for this reason http://assyst.fife:8080/assystnet/application.jsp#serviceOfferings/1828

      Sorry for the inconvenience.


  • Q.     Can I have the app on more than one device?
    • Yes. And you only have to register your details once! Install it on as many devices as you like and login using the email and password you used to register the first time.

  • Q.     I don't have a smartphone/tablet, can I still get the app?
    • Yes. You can register your account (your Account ID is the first six digits of your payroll number) and login to see the app from any internet-enabled computer / laptop using the website https://fife.theemployeeapp.com

  • Q.     I don't have a council email address, can I still get the app?
    • Yes. The only reason you need an email address to register is so the system can send you a new password if you forget yours and have to reset it. So you can use any email address to register, but make sure you remember which one you use!

      If you don’t have your own email account, you could use a family member’s email address with their permission. They won’t receive emails unless you request a password reset.

  • Q.     Is the app available to Trust staff?
    • No. The Fife Council employee app is only for staff on the council’s payroll. It is not available to people employed by Fife Sports & Leisure Trust, Fife Cultural Trust, Fife Coast & Countryside Trust.

      It is available to Fife Resource Solutions employees which is a different type of arms length organisation.

  • Q.     Is the app available to Health & Social Care Partnership staff?
    • It is available to H&SC staff who are still techically employed and paid by Fife Council i.e. former social work employees.


How do I get information to staff using the employee app?

Information about adding content to the app.

  • Q.     How do I get an update added to the app?
    • Any requests to add news/updates to the app should be sent to fifecouncil.news@fife.gov.uk  We will only add information that’s relevant to all staff – or a specific group of staff i.e. Directorate/Service/Section.  

      If you think there is something missing from the HR information and advice in the Explore section, contact hr.direct@fife.gov.uk

  • Q.     Can I post to the app directly?
    • You can like and comment on posts on the app. Comments will have your name against them and let you give direct feedback / ask questions / respond to colleagues. 

      At the moment only the Communications and HR teams and senior managers can add the main posts to the app. Once we’re all a bit more used to using it, more managers will be able to add updates for their team. 

      If you think the app could help improve business process, efficiencies or new ways of working in your team please contact comms.support@fife.gov.uk and one of the team will get in touch to discuss it further. 


Trouble registering / logging in to the employee app

These FAQs should help you sign in to your employee app account.

If you're still having problems after checking these FAQs, please send the details of your issue to fife@theemployeeapp.com including the email address / payroll number you're using. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response from the support team.

  • Q.     Why isn't my Account ID recognised?
    • You must use your six digit Fife Council payroll number as your Account ID. Check your payslip for this number. If you have more than six digits, don’t use the –01 or –02 that appears at the end of some payroll numbers. 

      If you’ve just started working at the council, it may take up to a week for your payroll number to be added to the app. 

      If you’ve checked your payroll number and the app still won’t accept it, contact fife@theemployeeapp.com with your details.

  • Q.     I've forgotten my password, how do I reset it?
    • If you’ve already registered your account (giving email address, payroll number and password) you can reset your password at any time. Open the app, go to Login, and then select Forgot Password. Make sure you enter the email you used to register your account. 

      Note – if you’re using the app on your phone or tablet, the app will stay logged in for easy use unless you choose to logout. 

  • Q.     Why won't the app open / work?
    • If you don’t think the app is working properly, please check your account on another device if you can. If you see any unusual error messages, or it won’t work despite your login being correct, please contact fife@theemployeeapp.com describing what’s happening.

  • Q.     Unsupported devices/browsers
    • If you having touble accessing the app please check that you are using the most up to date version of operating sytem or browser.

      Please see a list of devices/browsers that ARE NOT supported below:

      • Android 5 and earlier versions
      • iOS 9 and earlier versions
      • Chrome version 29 and earlier versions
      • Firefox version 27 and earlier versions
      • Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 7 and earlier versions
      • Safari 6 and earlier versions





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