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The introduction of a controlled zone at Duloch Campus should start on 11th July. It is hoped the work will be complete by 18th July and enforcement of the zone will start immediately.



Duloch Campus houses a number of facilities including Duloch Library, Duloch Leisure Centre, Duloch Primary School and Calaiswood School.

It is a busy campus which generates a lot of traffic from visitors throughout the year. As a significant number of visitors include children and vulnerable adults, there is a need to ensure that safe access and movement around the campus is maintained. In addition, this also provides servicing access to the adjacent supermarket and was to form part of the public bus route, however buses were unable to use the route historically due to indiscriminate parking. 

There have been a number of issues around the area which necessitates corrective measures. The information provided below details changes taking place around the campus to ensure safety and access is maintained.



Duloch Campus Car Park

The car park at Duloch was designed to facilitate the Leisure Centre, Library and staff/visitor space for the schools. The layout during busy periods often resulted in congestion as vehicles were unable to negotiate past each other.

The car park has been updated to allow two way movement through most aisles, kerblines have been altered to improve turning space at the entry/exit and a drop off zone has been introduced.

Drop off zone- This should only be used by vehicles who are dropping off or picking up passengers. Vehicles should not be parked for longer than 5 minutes and should at no time be unattended. By complying with these rules it helps free up space within the main car park and maintain traffic flow.

Parking - Vehicles should only park in marked parking bays. No vehicle should be parked in any of the aisles, footways or crossing areas.

Disabled Parking- The disabled bay are for the exclusive use of blue badge holders. Any vehicle parked in a disabled bay without displaying a blue badge can receive a Penalty Charge Notice.


Controlled Zone

The end of Nightingale Place, towards Calaiswood Primary School, needs to remain relatively clear for buses, servicing and school transport. Therefore a controlled zone will be in operation to restrict access to authorised users only. A leaflet detailing the extent of the zone is provided in the publications section of this page.

Who can enter this zone?
- vehicles with a valid access permit
- commercial vehicles servicing the adjacent properties
- blue badge holders
- buses

The restrictions on the zone are enforceable by both Police Scotland and Fife Council. Drivers entering the zone without the necessary authorisation can receive penalty points on their licence, a fine and a Penalty Charge Notice. Fife Council and Police Scotland are working together to ensure drivers comply with the restrictions and will be undertaking necessary enforcement to ensure safety is maintained.

Permits are only issued where there is a significant demonstrable need to access the zone. This is based on all other available parking and travel options being explored but not viable.

Permit applications are managed by Calaiswood School.


There are a large number of car parks within the area and high quality cycle and pedestrian routes connecting Duloch Campus throughout Dunfermline. Bus services will soon be stopping on Nightingale Place to serve the campus and shops.


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