Food in secondary school

Secondary schools operate a cafeteria system offering a choice of cooked meals, salads or snacks at lunchtime.
The types of food on offer include traditional favourites like macaroni cheese, plus baked potatoes, pasta, soup, paninis and salads.  For dessert the healthy muffins and cookies and the fruit boxes are very popular.  There is also a choice of hot and cold drinks.
To comply with nutritional guidelines:
  • chips are only available twice a week and only as part of a main meal.
  • there are no crisps for sale at lunchtime, although a very small selection that meet the Government’s nutritional criteria can still be bought at morning break.
  • chocolate, chocolate coated products or those containing chocolate can no longer be sold.
  • only water, fruit juice (less than 200ml), fruit juice/water combination drinks, milk, flavoured milk, tea and coffee are allowed.
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