Disabled Persons' Parking Places Act

In February 2009 the Disabled Persons Parking Places Bill was passed by parliament and it gained Royal Assent in April 2009.

This bill was promoted to help ensure proper use of parking places for disabled persons' vehicles. It stipulated that all on street public parking bays should be made enforceable as well as all disabled bays within public car parks. This piece of legislation will help ensure that members of the community who require the use of a disabled bay and hold a blue badge will have improved access through a reduction in abuse of disabled parking bays.

This places a duty on Scottish Local Authorities to promote proper use of disabled parking places within their respective areas by ensuring that they are enforceable via appropriate Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs).

There were over 3300 advisory disabled bays within the public road and public car parks in Fife and an unknown number of such bays in private car parks, including shopping centres, supermarkets etc.

A traffic regulation order is now in place which has made all signed on street bays enforceable. As new bays are requested and old bays are no longer required, the TRO is regularly updated to ensure enforcement activity can take place protecting these spaces for blue badge holders.

If you wish to contact us regarding the new act please email:  disabled.parking@fife.gov.uk

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