How and where we monitor

We measure the air quality in Fife at more than 60 places using specialist equipment including three automatic air quality monitoring stations.

By law, we must assess the presence of seven pollutants and the levels we measure are set at a level to protect the public's health.

Our recent assessments show that Fife’s air quality meets the government’s objectives for five of these pollutants: benzene, 1,3-butadiene, lead (Pb), carbon dioxide (CO) and sulphur dioxide (SO2).  These assessments show that the other two pollutants - nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and fine particles (PM10) – exceed or are likely to exceed the government’s objectives at a few isolated locations.  This means we must monitor the levels of these two pollutants in more detail at these sites.
What we do at our air quality monitoring stations
We monitor the presence of these two air pollutants – nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and fine particles (PM10) – in more detail at: 
  • Admiralty Road, Rosyth (monitored for NO2 and PM10)
  • Appin Crescent, Dunfermline (monitored for NO2 and PM10)
  • Bonnygate, Cupar (monitored for NO2 and PM10)
  • St Clair Street, Kirkcaldy (monitored for NO2 and PM10)
Each of the above monitoring stations now have a QR (Quick Response) Code Sticker attached to them. These stickers can be scanned using a smartphone to provide current air quality levels at each specific site (data provided by the Air Quality in Scotland website).
We produce annual summaries of our latest monitoring results. 
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