South East Inverkeithing Regeneration Project

Fraser Avenue and South East Inverkeithing is recognised as an area that requires support to improve quality of life and promote equality of opportunity.  This will allow us to tackle the physical, social and economic inequalities facing the community.


One of the Council’s main aims is to reduce inequalities by providing quality local services, facilities and housing and helping communities use their skills and assets to address local needs.


This will be achieved through the creation and implementation of a Neighbourhood Development Plan.  The key parts of this plan are

  • supporting skills development to improve employment opportunities
  • providing welfare advice
  • support for children families and young people
  • addressing health inequalities
  • raising aspirations regarding educational attainment
  • providing quality affordable housing
  • building community spirit to address stigma.


For further information on the South East Area Regeneration projects, click on Community Regeneration and Housing redevelopment pages.


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