Domestic abuse

domestic abuse - there is no excuse (poster)

domestic abuse - there is no excuse (poster)

Domestic abuse is a serious crime and has profound effects on society.
In Fife in 2017/18
  • Women’s Aid in Fife supported 854 women and 446 children
  • Public Protection Unit had 4418 domestic abuse incidents reported to them.
Domestic abuse can be carried out by partners or ex-partners and includes any form of:
  • Physical abuse
  • Punching, choking, not allowing to sleep or pushing.
  • Sexual abuse 
  • Acts which degrade and humiliate.  Are carried out against the victim's will, including rape.
  • Mental and emotional abuse
Threats, verbal abuse, withholding money. Other types of controlling behaviour such as isolation from family or friends.
It’s difficult to accept that someone you love or care for can treat you badly.  This is rarely a one-off incident.  It tends to happen more and more and often becomes more severe.
Even if you think you’re experiencing mild abuse, it’s important to recognise it.  
There are people who can help you. You can do things to help yourself.
You can speak to someone you can trust or use one of the contacts below, who will:
  • Give you information and support.
  • Help you consider your options and support you in achieving what you choose to do.
  • Help you contact the other services you need

You can get support and information from:

Fife Women's Aid on 0808 802 5555

Police on 101 or in an emergency 999




Fife Violence Against Women Partnership
Tel: 01592 583690

Public Protection Unit
Tel: 01592 418460 Contact Public Protection Unit online
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