How to Guides & Leaflets

HR Direct

HR Direct

These are designed to assist in managing attendance and cover topics such as:


  • Notification and certification of sickness absence
  • Maintaining contact
  • Return to work
  • Trigger levels
  • Frequent absence procedure (Non Teacing)
  • Short term absence formal stages (Teaching)
  • Occupational health referral
  • Long term absence
  • Support measures
  • Medical Appointments


Instructions on how to make a management occupational health referral have moved to a dedicated page here

Managers and employees may also find attendance leaflets useful for a general overview.

Please note that with effect from Monday 2ndJuly 2018 there will be changes to the Policy & Procedure and ‘How To Guides’ for Stage B Hearings (Single Status & Craft) and for Formal Stage 2 Hearings (Teachers).

With effect from Monday 2ndJuly 2018, an HR Case Officer will no longer be required for Stage B Hearings. Managers making arrangements for such hearings should ensure that any correspondence to employees reflects this change in practice.

Advice is available via the Shared Service Desk.


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