Dunfermline and West Fife Local Plan

On 16 November 2012 Fife Council adopted the Dunfermline & West Fife Local Plan. 

A fully interactive version is available to view here. Copies of the Local Plan are also available to view at the Council’s planning office (Kingdom House, Glenrothes) and in public libraries within the Dunfermline & West Fife Local Plan area.

The Dunfermline and West Fife Local Plan replaces the following plans:

  • West Villages Local Plan (2002), West Villages Local Plan Alteration (2006)
  • Adopted Dunfermline & the Coast Local Plan (2002)

About the Dunfermline & West Fife Local Plan

The Dunfermline & West Fife Local Plan is one of three Local Plans covering the Fife area.  The Plan is guided by the Fife Structure Plan and contains detailed policies and proposals to guide development over a 10 year period.   The Plan provides a context for the regeneration of local communities and for the promotion of a successful economy, guiding development to the most appropriate location while protecting the natural and built environment.

An examination of the Dunfermline & West Fife Local Plan took place in 2011/12. The Examination Report, which was published on 13 June 2012 can be viewed here.

 Dunfermline & West Fife Local Plan Timeline


 Notice of Intention to start Local Plan

 October 2007

 Issues and Options Document & SEA Environmental Report

 May 2008

 Publish Draft Local Plan/Action Programme/Revised SEA Environmental Report

 February 2010


 8 July 2011

 Examination Report received

 13 June 2012

 Publish Plan as intend to adopt

 October 2012

 Adopt Local Plan

 November 2012


Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Local Plan

A strategic environmental assessment (SEA) is carried out on all Local Plans.  The SEA for the Dunfermline & West Fife Local Plan was undertaken in three versions to run in parallel with the preparation of the Local Plan through to its adoption by Fife Council as part of the Fife Development Plan:

- Version 1: an initial assessment of the Issues and Options report. This has been undertaken. It was subject to public consultation and formed a consideration in drawing up the draft Local Plan. Representations on the SEA made in response to this consultation were taken into account in drawing up the first full Environmental Report.

- Version 2: update to form an assessment of the draft Local Plan – this was the first version of the full Environmental report required under the Regulations.

- Version 3:  final update to incorporate any changes recommended by the Reporters following the Local Plan Examination.(Click here to see this report)

The Post Adoption SEA Statement sets out

  • How environmental considerations were integrated into the Local Plan;
  • How the Environmental Report has been taken into account in the Local Plan;
  • How the opinions and the results of the consultations have been taken into account;
  • The reasons for choosing the Local Plan as adopted; and
  • The measures to be taken to monitor the significant environmental effects pf the Local Plan.

The Post-Adoption SEA statement can be viewed here

Previous versions of the SEA & HRA can be made available on request.



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