Mid Fife Local Plan

The Mid Fife Local Plan sets out detailed policies and proposals which will guide development in the area over the period to 2021 so you can find out what is proposed for your community.  It also indicates, in broad terms, development over the longer term in order to give certainty to communities, landowners, and investors.


On 23rd January 2012 Fife Council adopted the Mid Fife Local Plan after Scottish Ministers confirmed that they had no objection to the Plan. 

Hard copies of the Adopted Mid Fife Local Plan are available to purchase at a cost of £50, while the Action Programme costs £5. A fully interactive version is available to view by clicking here.   The latest Action Programme M3 can be viewed by clicking here. Copies of the Local Plan are available to view at the Council’s planning offices and in every public library serving the Mid Fife Local Plan area.

About the Mid Fife Local Plan

The adopted Mid Fife Local Plan now forms part of the Development Plan for Fife and supersedes in part or in full the following Local Plans as illustrated on the attached map:

Replace in full:

  • Adopted Kirkcaldy Area Local Plan (March 2003);
  • Finalised Cowdenbeath Area Local Plan (August 2003); and
  • Adopted Levenmouth Area Local Plan (July 2004)

Replace in part:

  • Adopted Dunfermline District North East Sector Local Plan (April 1981);
  • Adopted Largo & East Neuk Local Plan (June 1995);
  • Adopted Dunfermline & the Coast Local Plan (April 2002);
  • Adopted Glenrothes Area Local Plan (March 2003)*; and
  • Adopted Cupar & Howe of Fife Local Plan (March 2003)


* See attached map showing the Muirhead area of the Adopted Glenrothes Area Local Plan (March 2003) which falls within the emerging St. Andrews & East Fife Local Plan boundary.

Now Fife Council has adopted the Mid Fife Local Plan those Local Plans that have been replaced are no longer material considerations in the determination of planning applications or in Local Review Assessments undertaken by the Local Review Body. This will result in a clearer process for Development Management.


On 19th August 2011 the MID FIFE LOCAL PLAN EXAMINATION REPORT was published on both the DPEA website and Fife Direct.  To view the report click here 

The Financial Framework is applicable with all applications and this can be viewed here

The Local Plan Strategy


The strategy is guided, to a large extent, by the approved Fife Structure Plan 2006–26. The Local Plan is concerned with matters such as:

  • promoting the redevelopment and re-use of sites that are vacant and/or derelict and these will generally be given precedence over land previously undeveloped;
  • continuing to place regeneration as a priority and development proposals will be assessed to identify how they help regeneration in the priority areas in Mid Fife;
  • identifying Strategic Land Allocations  to assist regeneration in Kirkcaldy (east and south-west), Glenrothes East/Markinch, Levenmouth, Lochgelly, Burntisland and the Kelty/Ballingry/Lochore area over the next 20 years;
  • promoting the re-vitalisation of employment land to meet the needs of growth sectors such as the Energy Park at Methil, and through site specific proposals to modernise industrial sites in Glenrothes and Cowdenbeath to meet the needs of modern employers;
  • supporting proposals that provide key public transport infrastructure and promotes improved transport links to and within the Local Plan area including improvements to the Redhouse roundabout, the reopening of the Levenmouth Rail Link and implementation of the Standing Stane link Road, Leven Link Road project and the Halbeath Park and Choose;
  • encouraging high standards of urban design in development proposals;
  • promoting the restoration of Westfield and its development as a green energy park; and
  • supporting further development of the leisure, recreational, and tourism potential of Blairadam Forest, Lochore Meadows, St Ninians former opencast site and the M90, Junction 4.


Strategic Environmental Assessment and Appropriate Assesment of the Local Plan

A strategic environmental assessment (SEA) is carried out on all new Local Plans.  The SEA for the Mid Fife Local Plan is being undertaken in four versions that will run, in parallel to the preparation of the Local Plan through to its adoption by Fife Council as part of the Fife Development Plan:

- Version 1: an initial assessment of the Issues and Options report. This has been undertaken. It was subject to public consultation and formed a consideration in drawing up the draft Local Plan. Representations on the SEA made in response to this consultation were taken into account in drawing up the first full Environmental Report.

- Version 2: 1st update to form an assessment of the draft Local Plan – this was the first version of the full Environmental report required under the Regulations.

- Version 3: 2nd update of the Environmental Report to incorporate the Pre-Examination Modifications to the plan proposed following public consultation..

- Version 4: final update to incorporate any changes recommended by the Reporters following the Local Plan Examination.(Click here to see this report)

Previous versions of the SEA & HRA can be made available on request.


  Mid Fife Local Plan Timeline Date    
1 Notice of Intention to start Local Plan January 2006
2 Issues and Options Document & SEA Environmental Report June 2007

Publish Draft Local Plan /Action Programme & Revised SEA Environmental Report

October 2008
4 Pre-Examination Modification October 2009
5 Examination November 2010

Publish Plan with Modifications/ Revised SEA Environmental Report

December 2011
7 Adopt Local Plan 23rd January 2012














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