Healthy Working Lives



Scotland's Health at Work (SHAW) Award Programme was replaced by the Healthy Working Lives (HWL) Award Programme in April 2007.

Fife Council, having registered to sign up to HWL began working towards achieving the Gold level, having previously achieved the Gold level under SHAW.
The HWL Award Programme incorporates some of the health promotion criteria that were in the SHAW Awards, as well as addressing the wider agenda of HWL. These include expanded health promotion criteria, occupational health and safety, health and the environment, mental health and well-being, employability, and community involvement.
Also, as part of the Award Programme, we were asked to complete and submit, a signed 11-point Health and Safety checklist before the Award assessment.
In April 2010, we were successful in achieving the Gold Award criteria. In addition to all of the above, we had to prepare a strategy and one year rolling action plan as well as demonstrating a clear long term commitment to maintaining and improving health in the workplace and promoting HWL as an integral part of the business and its development.

In March 2013 we were successful in our Gold reassessment and were presented with our award at the Annual Healthy Working Lives award ceremony in the Rothes Halls, Glenrothes in December 2013.  


Fife Council has continued to make progress around the workplace health, safety and wellbeing agenda, with wellbeing at the centre of many strategies and policies.


Since achieving this award Fife Council has been successfully integrating the award programme throughout the organisation.  This has been largely due to the robust system in place for implementing Healthy Working Lives. 


Looking forward, health, safety and wellbeing will continue to be integrated throughout the Council as we recognise that employee health and wellbeing will sustain Fife as a healthy place to live and work. 


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