Sustainable School Estate

In Fife we have a school estate of 142 primary schools, 19 secondary schools, 5 special schools, 14 free-standing nurseries and 5 pupil support centres.

Our aim is to ensure that not only does our school estate provide best value for money but more importantly, it provides children and young people with a first class education in fit for purpose buildings, regardless of background or where they live. 

To help achieve this aim, we carried out a strategic review of our school estate.  Based on the September 2012 pupil census, the review highlighted that;

  • we currently have 11,707 surplus places in primary schools and 7,445 surplus places in secondary schools
  • the school roll in Fife has continued to fall in primary schools in 1980.  Although it is expected through new housing that there will be an increase in pupil population, there will remain areas in Fife where the school rolls will continue to decline.
  • as a result of demographic changes over a number of years there are a number of schools that are significantly under-occupied, whilst other schools, primarily in areas of recent housing development, face accommodation pressures from increased school rolls.  Managing these issues requires large scale investment to ensrue continuity in service delivery.

As part of this review, we have developed a "Towards a Sustainable School Estate Strategy" to ensure that our school estate is maintained at the right size to support high quality education locally and across Fife and that available resources are directed towards, where possible, in improving children's learning instead of ongoing asset maintenance.

Please click here for more information about our School Estate Strategy.

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