Supplementary Guidance

The Supplementary Guidance and other planning policy guidance on this page provides information about how our planning policies will be used.

Adopted Supplementary Guidance

Making Fife’s Places has been adopted as statutory supplementary guidance and forms part of Fife’s development plan from 16th August 2018. The guidance was formally adopted following approval from Scottish Ministers.

Emerging Supplementary Guidance 

Consultation has taken place on the following Supplementary Guidance documents prepared in connection with the Local Development Plan (FIFEplan):

The consultations ran from 17 March 2017 until 5 May 2017. Follow the links above to view each of the consultation documents. Following the consultations, updated guidance on planning obligations was submitted to the Scottish Government in December 2017 (further details here). It is anticipated that the other 3 supplementary guidance documents will be submitted to the Scottish Government in the near future.

Once approved these supplementary guidance documents will be part of the development plan.

Approved Guidance

Follow the links below to existing Supplementary Planning Guidance and other planning policy guidance:


Fife Council has also produced a range of publications designed to provide further guidance to those making a planning application. Click on this link to view these publications.




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