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aboutMe and aboutMyTeam apps

aboutMe and aboutMyTeam apps

 Welcome to aboutMe and aboutMyTeam, the Council’s self service employment applications.   

What is AboutMe?

AboutMe gives you direct access and control over your HR and payroll information.  You can access the application, 24/7, from the office or from home. You can use aboutMe to:

  • Update your personal information such as name, address, bank details
  • See and download your payslips
  • Check your annual leave balance and request annual leave
  • End your sickness absence and request other types of absences such as compassionate leave
  • Submit Time and Expenses claims 


What is aboutMyTeam?

As a line manager, aboutMyTeam gives you direct access and control over most common HR and payroll tasks for your team. It provides easy 24/7 access to your team’s information, and works with the employee self-service app aboutMe and iTrent.


You can use aboutMyTeam to:


  • Review your team’s information such as work patterns, absence, holiday balance
  • Manage annual leave requests and see the employee’s and team's annual leave balance
  • Manage your teams sickness absence
  • Authorise other absence request such as Time off in Lieu or Compassionate Leave
  • Delegate your rights to someone else while you are on leave

From your Council PC, you can access aboutMe and aboutMyTeam from icons on your desktop.  No Council PC....see the Accessing the applications page.


Tel: 01592 583200 Contact aboutMe online
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