Gritting - Footways

Footways on the List of Roads network are classified as follows:

Priority 1:  Main town shopping areas and around centres of high pedestrian usage eg pedestrian precincts, hospitals, clinics, main access routes to schools, sheltered housing, residential homes and day centres for the elderly.

Priority 1P:  Main pedestrian routes linking transport interchanges – railways, bus stations etc.

Priority 2:  Busy urban areas eg other shopping centres and around public buildings and other commercial areas not included within priority 1.  Main pedestrian routes in major housing developments.

Priority 3:  Rural and less used urban footways.  Un-adopted footways and/or footways subject to construction consents.

Footways Standards
There are over 2200km of footways in Fife and given the financial constraints and resource limitations it is not possible to treat all footways simultaneously.  Subsequently it is important that the priorities are strictly adhered to.  Standby crews will be provided for Priority 1 footways at weekends and on public holidays from the Saturday nearest the beginning of December until the Sunday nearest the end of February.

The treatment of footways will usually be confined to the removal of snow deposits.  However, footways adjacent to Primary Routes will gain some “collateral” benefit from the 24hr coverage for salting treatment to these carriageways.  In exceptional circumstances eg where thick and persistent frost exists (24-48 hours) and is expected to continue, salting treatment may be undertaken on footways in priority order and where resources permit.

For maximum effectiveness and network coverage within available resources, the normal approach to carriageways with two footways will be to clear at least one footway before moving on to lower priorities.  Treatment of Priority 1 footways will usually be restricted to normal working hours (0730 – 1600 hours) over 7 days and with schools and clinics only treated Monday to Friday excluding Public Holidays.  Priority 2 and 3 footways will usually be restricted to the normal working hours Monday to Friday.

In addition to the above, Priority 1P footways providing access to key transport hubs will be given pre-salting treatment whenever considered appropriate by the Winter Manager, normally when persistent frost (24-48 hours), or snow conditions have been forecast.

To view the gritting routes for your area, go to the gritting routes page.

To find out further information for your area, please use the contacts listed below.



Roads Services (Mid Fife) - Reception
Tel: 03451 55 55 55 + Ext 84 91 65 Fax: 01592 583315 Contact Roads Services (Mid Fife) - Reception online
By Post: Rothes Depot Strathore Road Strathore Thornton Kirkcaldy Fife KY1 4DF

Roads Services (North Fife) - Reception
Tel: 03451 55 55 55 + Ext 85 90 34 Fax: 01334 659 394 Contact Roads Services (North Fife) - Reception online
By Post: Fife Council Combined Services Depot Cupar Trading Estate Cupar Fife KY15 4SX

Roads Services (South Fife) - Reception
Tel: 03451 55 55 55 + Ext 89 90 20 Fax: 01383 602535 Contact Roads Services (South Fife) - Reception online
By Post: Milesmark Roads Depot Carnock Road Dunfermline Fife KY12 9AX

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