Fife Local Development Plan

FIFEplan Local Development Plan is the replacement to Fife’s three existing Local Plans, adopted in 2012. It will form part of the statutory development plan for Fife once adopted, together with the TAYplan and SESplan Strategic Development Plans.

On 28 February 2017 Fife Council's Executive Committee agreed to adopt the Local Development Plan (FIFEplan) subject to consultation with Scottish Ministers. In doing so Fife Council accepted the modifications proposed in the Examination Report published in November last year. 

To view the updated FIFEplan as it went to Executive Committee click on the link below and then the button marked 'Read Document'. The list of supporting documents includes appendices to the committee report. Appendix 6 highlights the changes that have been made to the Proposed Plan. Appendices 2 and 3 provide updated environmental assessments to reflect the Examination modifications.

View FIFEplan as modified (and other background documents)

The modifications and the updated FIFEplan have been submitted to Scottish Ministers. Scottish Ministers have informed Fife Council that the period they require for consideration of the plan will extend until 9 June 2017. Fife Council will be able to adopt the Plan thereafter unless directed not to by Scottish Ministers.

Stages of the Local Development Plan

FIFEplan is now nearing the end of the plan preparation process following a series of consultation stages, from initially seeking the views of communities in early 2012 through to the consultation on the Proposed Plan (Oct - Dec 2014).

 Find out more about each of the plan preparation stages by clicking on the links below:

Link to Information gathering and early engagement stage

Link to Main Issues Report stage

Link to Development Strategy stage

Link to Proposed Plan stage

Link to Examination stage Image of LDP timescales for plan adoption




A diary of consultation as FIFEplan has progressed can be viewed here.

Timescales for the development plan are updated annually through the Development Plan Scheme.


Further information

The Development Plan Update (e-bulletin): Sign up to regular email updates on the progress of Fife's Development Plan. Click here to register.

The Local Development Plan Exchange: The exchange provides an opportunity for informal comments to be made. If you are interested in joining the LDP Exchange you can register your interest at The Local Development Plan Exchange is not a decision making group and does not get involved in detailed site issues.

Twitter: Follow us at @FifePlanning.

Phone: Any member of our team will be happy to speak to you about FIFEplan. Call 03451 55 11 22 and ask to speak to someone in the Development Plan team.


As part of our approach to plan preparation, we take account of survey comments we have received, and comments from community councils at workshops and meetings, as well as the National Standards of Community Engagement and Fife's Consultation Handbook.


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