EATS Project (Edible And Tasty Spaces)

EATS Forth House

EATS Forth House

EATS Planter Templehall

EATS Planter Templehall

EATS Ravenscraig

EATS Ravenscraig

EATS Bennochy Road

EATS Bennochy Road

You can find information on the Edible And Tasty Spaces project (EATS) on this page.

We are promoting and growing vegetables, fruit and flowers in public spaces for the public to harvest for free.

EATS helps implement our aim of  good-quality, attractive and accessible green spaces and streets for all communities in Fife.


There are other benefits to EATS such as:

  • promoting the growing, cooking and eating  of fruit and vegetables
  • creating attractive and interesting greenspaces
  • growing skills in the community
  • growing your own food can help to reduce carbon emmissions



There are EATS across Fife, click on the link to see the locations

Visit our Twitter site for photographs of EATS

EATS are unfenced public spaces which are planted with fruit, vegetable and flowers. People are able to ‘help themselves’ to ripe produce or the food is harvested and given to community groups. In the first year of EATS, there is evidence of people helping themselves to cherry tomatoes and cabbages that were grown. At the start of October the vegetables were harvested and were distributed to community groups by the Fife Community Food project.

Vegetables and fruit planted in EATS

There are a whole range of fruit and vegetables that have been grown in EATS including: Runner beans, french beans, peas, kohl rabi, cabbage, kale, onions, leeks, celery, fennel, turnip, beetroot, sweetcorn, tomatoes,  lettuce, globe artichoke, cauliflower, carrots. Fruit – blackcurrant, raspberry, strawberry, grapes, rhubarb.

EATS partners

We work with a whole range of community organisations in Fife including:

Scottish Association for Mental Health, Growing Kirkcaldy, Rosyth Community Council, CLEAR Buckhaven, Transition St Andrews, Floral Action Burntisland, Invertiel Tenants & Residents Group, Markinch Environment Action Group.  

Fife Council's Community Payback service help maintain the EATS at Peebles Street, Kirkcaldy.


 Inspiring other communities

The project has inspired other communities in Scotland.

SAMH in Dundee created a free to harvest edible garden in Dawson Park.

West Lothian Council and Oatridge College created an EATS at Broxburn Health Centre.

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