Maitland Street, Leven - Bridge Replacement

During construction

During construction


We structurally assessed the bridge in Maitland Street, Leven a number of years ago and found it to be weak and only capable of carrying a 3 tonne vehicle. A temporary propping arrangement was introduced below the bridge to avoid a weight restriction.


Consultants carrying out a Flood Study of Scoonie Burn, recommended that a larger structure on an improved alignment would help to alleviate potential future flooding issues for residents living adjacent to the burn. The decision was made to replace the structure rather than strengthen the existing concrete deck slab.


The proposed structure, a concrete box culvert would carry a 7.3m wide carriageway, 1.8m wide footways on each side and associated retaining and training walls. Exposed faces of the structures, apart from culvert faces, would be clad with brick consistent with the locality.



Fife Council carried out the supervision of the works.

Start date: 27 May 2014.

Completion date: 10 May 2014.

Road re-opening: 17 May 2014. The delay was due to the poor ground conditions.


More information about Maitland Street Bridge Replacement Project

Completion of works

Completion of works

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