Supervision Requirement

If a Children's Hearing thinks compulsory measures of supervision are appropriate it will impose a supervision requirement, which may be renewed annually until the child becomes 18.

The purpose of a hearing is to decide what needs to be done in the best interests of the child.

There is a total of three panel members at each hearing with representatives of each gender. The child, his/her parents, the social worker and the Reporter are also present and other people may have to attend also. Several days before the hearing, each panel member will receive reports on the children they will see.

These reports have to be carefully studied. In order to make a helpful decision, the hearing has to use the reports to find out more about the child and his/her family and discuss with all those present, how the child can be helped. Panel members then make a decision as to what should happen to the child. Open, informal discussion is encouraged at the hearing, with issues discussed confidentially.

The hearing may decide that:

  • compulsory measures are not required,
  • that supervision is required at home; or
  • away from home; or
  • that specialist reports are needed.

Whatever they decide, panel members must give their reasons. Thereafter, supervision is the responsibility of the Social Work Department.

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