Crime prevention

Through the planning system, we look to raise standards by guiding future development and use of land in the long-term public interest. Good urban design is a key objective of the planning system and is about making places work for people. It’s about how buildings, streets, parks and all other areas that make up the public realm, relate to each other. Fife Council has a key role to play in raising design standards.

In Creating a Better Fife, the Council sets out strategic design principles that will apply to all development proposals across the Kingdom. This guide provides design principles that developers, designers and communities can sign to improve quality of life in Fife. Creating a Better Fife sets out a consistent Fife-wide approach to urban design guidance.

Successful places have a range of common qualities and these apply throughout Fife. These qualities are described in the following set of urban design principles.

  • creating places of character and identity
  • creating high quality new development
  • creating safe and pleasant open spaces
  • creating places that are easy to move around in

These four principles will guide future development in Fife.

Public spaces are a vital part of everyday life in our town and villages and should:

  • be considered from the outset and as an integral part of new development
  • be designed for safety and security in accordance with Crime Prevention
    through Environment Design principles. See ‘Secured by Design - (takes you to an external website)
  • be designed for use during the day and night, and during each season.

This is a key component of ensuring public spaces are fit for purpose and remain
safe and pleasant.

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