Fife Local Plans

We have prepared a new single Local Development Plan (FIFEplan) for the whole of Fife which is in the final stages of preparation before it can be adopted. The Local Development Plan will replace the three existing Local Plans once adopted. Please see the Fife Local Development Plan page for further details.

Fife's Local Plans

Local plans describe where and how we will allow new developments to take place and show what we propose for your community. Local plans identify where change is proposed by describing the location and nature of development. Local Plans provide a basis for managing development and land use activities.

All three plans covering Fife are now adopted:

You can find more about these plans through the links above or by using the menu on the left hand side this page. 

We produce a regular e-bulletin with an update on the progress and status of the different plans which make up the Fife Development Plan.  If you would like to receive this directly by email, please register through the online form.

The adopted Fife Minerals Subject Local Plan is a Fife wide land use strategy for the sustainable extraction and use of minerals.  With the move to a single Local Development Plan for Fife, Minerals policies have been incorporated into the Proposed Local Development Plan published for consultation on 27 October 2014. The Local Development Plan is supported by Supplementary Guidance.   Draft Minerals Supplementary Guidance was published for consultation on 27 October 2014 in conjunction with the Proposed Local Development Plan consultation.  Please see our Local Development Plan page for further details. 

The Fife Core Path Plan has also been adopted. Please follow the link for further information.

Development Plan
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