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Fife's Community Safety Strategy 2016 - 2020 includes a high level strategy for road safety.  This has an outcome of "fewer people killed or seriously injured on the roads".

The Road Safety Engineering Plan 2016 - 2020, which is available within the publication section on this page, sets out engineering activities that Assets, Transportation and Environment will be undertaking and how the Service will work with partners with the aim of reducing road casualties.

The Plan was developed to focus the road safety engineering efforts towards achieving the casualty reduction targets set out by the Scottish Government.  In June 2009 the Scottish Government launched its road safety framework to 2020 'Go safe on Scotland's roads - it's everyone's responsibility'.   This framework gave challenging targets, by 2020 aiming for an overall 40% reduction in the number of people killed on Scotland’s roads with a 30% reduction by 2015.  There are also targets specifically related to reducing the number of deaths or serious injuries to children and reducing recorded slight injuries.

Fife was successful in meeting the targets for 2015, with results meeting or exceeding targets on all measures.  By 2015 Fife had:

  • achieved a 37% reduction in the number of people killed on our roads, exceeding the target of 30%;
  • delivered a 57% reduction in the number of serious injuries in comparison with the 43% target;
  • reached a 35% reduction in the number of deaths to children meeting the 35% target;
  • achieved a 65% reduction in the number of serious injuries to children in comparison with the 50% target; and
  • reduced the number of slight casualties by 37%, far exceeding the 10% target.

The Road Safety Engineering Action Plan sets out how Assets, Transportation and Environment are building on past achievements and working with partners towards meeting the challenging casualty reduction targets by 2020.

Click on the image below to view the interactive Road Crash Map. The crash data shown in the interactive Road Crash Map covers the time period 1st January 2013 to 31st December 2017 using information supplied to Fife Council by Police Scotland.  The map can be navigated by zooming into an area of interest and individual crash records can be opened by clicking on the coloured crash dot.

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