Bell Street, St Andrews


This web-page was set-up to provide local taxi operators with regularly updated information on the above review and on how to input to the review. Details of the review history is available via the link below.



Update No. 7 (30 August 2017) - Option 3 was presented to the North East Fife Area Committee on 30 August 2017. This option comprised a proposal to make all the existing parking and loading bays in Bell Street taxi only between 6pm and 8am, Monday to Sunday. The committee agreed that a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) be promoted to take this option forward.

It may take up to six  months to promote and deliver the TRO if no legal objections are received. It could take longer if objections are lodged, since a committee decision may be required on how to deal with the objections.


Update No. 8 (30 October 2017) - A TRO has now been promoted to take forward option 3. Legal Notices were erected on Bell Street on 27 October, advertised in the local Press and are also available on Fife Direct (click here to view the notice). The closing date for any formal objections is 17 November and the notice advises how to lodge an objection.


A further update will be provided following completion of the TRO promotion period.

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