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Cycling to work and for leisure can save you time and money

Cycling to work and for leisure can save you time and money

Travel Planning…what’s it all about?


Be it going on holiday, doing our weekly shopping or travelling to work, travel is important to us all.

 The private car has become the primary mode of travel and, although this provides a great deal of convenience, too many cars on our roads bring with it:




                                          parking problems; and

                                          increased risk of accidents.


 What’s more, too much time behind the wheel can lead to less active lifestyles, which contributes to health problems and stress.


What is a Travel Plan?


A Travel Plan is an active document which sets out how an organisation is going to assist its employees and visitors travel more sustainably.

Fife Council was the first Local Authority in Scotland to write a travel plan back in 1999 and to monitor how things are changing,  we do an Employee Travel Survey every two years.  


What are your Current Travel Options?


Sustainable travel does not mean that you shouldn’t ever travel by car, it is about choice. 


Many of us have quite a few travel choices for some of the trips we make.  


Ask yourself:


                                        can I walk?

                                        can I cycle?

                                        can I use public transport?

                                        can I car share?

                                        If I drive, can I park?   


By fitting in a range of modes of travel when you get the opportunity, you can benefit by:


                                        saving money;

                                        taking the stress out of travel;

                                        getting active, without having to give up your evenings



All you need to do is give it a go and try something different, even if it is only during the Summer months, or once a week.  


Down load your free Pocket Guide to get some useful information about what travel choices are available to you or contact your Travel Plan Team by   clicking here.





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