Naming ceremonies

What is a naming ceremony?

  • A naming ceremony is an option for parents to celebrate and welcome a child into the family, usually inviting relations and friends to share in the occasion. 
  • As a parent you make promises of commitment to your child as a way of saying that you will try to be as good a parent as possible. 
  • Friends or relatives chosen by you can take part in the ceremony as 'Supporting Adults'. They pledge a special relationship with the child and grandparents can take part in the ceremony too.
  • You, as parents, decide the content of the ceremony, selecting declarations and promises as you go through the ceremony with the celebrant beforehand. This allows you to create a unique ceremony for your child and for yourselves.

Who are they for?

  • Children of any age can have a naming ceremony – they are not just for babies.
  • Any parent or anyone else who has legal guardianship of the child can arrange the ceremony. Please note that the child’s birth certificate will need to be shown before a ceremony can be booked. 
  • Parents do not need to be married to organise a naming ceremony.

Who conducts naming ceremonies?

  • The celebrant who conducts your ceremony will not be acting in an official capacity, even if they also work as a Registrar.
  • A celebrant is a person trained in ceremonial skills and is an employee of Fife Council.

Where can your ceremony take place?

  • Naming ceremonies can be considered in any venue of your choice within Fife.
  • Accommodation currently used by local authorities for marriage venues can also be taken into consideration when making your choice.
  • All venues must conform to minimum health and safety regulations.
  • Please ask your celebrant for further details.

How much will it cost?

Current Fees:

Monday to Friday (during office hours)

  • In Registrar’s Marriage Room  - £125
  • In all other venues - £240

Evenings and Saturdays at all venues - £310

Sundays and Public Holidays at all venues - £360

For a Naming Ceremony immediately after a Civil Marriage the charge is £120

Risk Assessment:

For some venues, a risk assessment authorisation visit may be required. In addition to the above there will be an additional fee of £25.00 applied.  

 Cause for Thought:

  • Naming ceremonies are not legal ceremonies.
  • You choose whether you wish a ceremony for your child. They must not be confused with any part of birth registration delivered by registrars in Scotland.
  • These ceremonies are not a statutory requirement in any way, simply an option for parents to hold a ceremony for their child, if that is what they want.
  • Ceremonies and any written record of the event cannot be used for identification purposes.
  • They are not legally binding on those who participate.


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