Community Planning

What is community planning?

Community Planning is a process by which all the public services within a local authority area are planned and provided: health, social care, schools, colleges, police, fire, roads, transport, waste collection and more.

Our Plan for Fife is under development. It sets out the local priority areas for improving public services, and how organisations work together. The Plan also details how people and communities are engaged in decisions on the public services which affect them.

This is known as a Local Outcome Improvement Plan and will replace the Fife Community Plan, which was introduced to set out long term ambitions for the Kingdown.

We have been delivering community planning since 2000. This way of working is well established in Fife and the Plan for Fife will build on existing work, particularly the high level outcomes set out in Fife's Community Plan 2011 - 2020 of:

  • Reducing inequalities
  • Increasing employment
  • Tackling climate change

Fife's Strategic Assessment

Fife’s Strategic Assessment provides the evidence base for identifying priorities across Fife and those facing the seven committee areas within Fife. These priorities help to inform future work plans and provide a solid foundation for our work at a local and Fife-wide level. Please click this link to view the most recent strategic assessment for Fife (December 2016) along with other recent Fife Council Research Reports.

Strategic Environmental Assessment 

The new Plan for Fife will continue to recognise environmental considerations, as required by the Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act 2005.

Fife Environmental Partnership currently leads on the actions within our Strategic Environmental Assessment, published in 2011, and co-ordinates reporting on progress.

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