This subject takes you, as Recruiting Managers, through the various steps you need to follow when you have a vacancy to fill. There are four key steps associated with this process: 

  1. Preparing to Recruit
  2. Advertising A Vacancy
  3. The Selection Process
  4. Pre-Employment Checks and Offer

Each step has a Manager’s guide and a step by step Process Map. Use the guides chronologically, referring throughout to the links to supplementary guidance, as well as using the suite of TalentLink Guides. At all times, you should adhere to the guiding principles set out in RS01 Recruitment and Selection Policy. 

Recruitment for the Council is organised and processed through the recruitment portal which is used by all Scottish councils. While applicants see the external facing website and can apply for vacancies by registering on it, recruiting managers have access to the back office system called TalentLink.

 As the Recruiting Manager, you are responsible for making all decisions regarding the recruitment exercise.  The process is managed in a structured way through TalentLink.  The Shared Service Centre Recruitment Team are responsible for providing advice and support in all aspects of the recruitment and selection process, in particular on TalentLink. They will assist you with the co-ordination of the recruitment and selection process and issue communications to applicants at each stage based on information supplied by yourself and the applicant.

Teaching staff continue to be covered by the document RS30 Recruitment & Selection Policy & Procedure (LNCT09) however this is currently under revision and until it has been agreed, Recruiting Managers in Education should find the guides RS22 to RS25 of help to them too.




Transactions Recruitment
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Transactions Recruitment
Tel: 01592 583200 Contact Transactions Recruitment online
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