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Recycle Week 2017

Recycle Week 2017

Recycle week runs from 25th September – 1st October. During the week we will be:

  • Helping everyone to become Waste Warriors! We want everyone to recycle more materials, more often.
  • Crushing the myths and misconceptions that act as barriers to recycling.
  • Promoting recycling more generally and motivating people to do more, including highlighting commonly forgotten items such as aerosols, shampoo bottles, tea bags and egg shells.

Look out for our blogs released on Tuesday 26 and Thursday 28 September on what to do with items you can’t recycle at home and the truth about food waste.

There are many ways you can recycle household waste. Find out more about:


How are we doing?

In 2016 Fife recycled 55% and diverted 59% of its household waste from landfill. This means that Fife is still one of the best performing councils for recycling in Scotland. 

Yet there is still more to do. Scotland has challenging targets of by 2025 recycling 70% and sending 5% to landfill. Fife Council has its own even more ambitious target to put no waste into landfill sites by 2020, provided it’s financially possible.


What else can I do?
Our recycling A to Z provides advice about what to do with a wide range of different products.

Visit our Reduce and Reuse pages to find more ways to reduce and reuse your waste, including furniture reuse charities and composting.

Commercial Waste
Fife Council also operates a commercial waste and recycling service.


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