Torbain Primary SchoolTorbain Primary - Main Building

Torbain Primary School is a large 2 building primary school towards the north-western outskirts of Kirkcaldy. The main building is an open plan design and consists of three storeys and an adjoining gym and games hall. The games hall has a large stage area and also doubles as a dinner hall. We are very fortunate to have state of the art lighting, sound and ICT equipment in this hall which we use during assemblies and school productions.

The catchment area consists of local authority and private housing areas, however, a large percentage of the children who attend our school are parental placing requests. 

Torbain Primary - Infant Building

The single storey infant building houses the nursery and 4 early years classes. It also has a gym hall and a dining hall with a small stage.

Both staff and pupils have a great deal of pride in the school and work hard to make it an inviting environment for visitors.

We are very lucky, in that we have two playgrounds and a large playing field which can be used for a range of sports and activities.


There are approximately 550 pupils in the school who are organised into 19 classes. In addition to this the nursery has separate morning and afternoon sessions, catering for approximately 140 children aged 3 to 5 years.

Parent Council

There is an active and enthusiastic School Parent Council which involves itself in a variety of ways in supporting the aims of the school.


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