Primary 3C - Miss Shevlin


Welcome to Primary 3!

Welcome back to school and to a new primary year! 

Our class routines are:

  • Homework - handed out on a Friday, to be returned on a Tuesday
  • PE Kit - please bring shorts, a t-shirt and a change of shoes.  Kits can be kept in our class storage box all week
  • PE days - our main PE day is a Friday, but it is recommended that kits are brought in and stored in our class storage box




In numeracy/maths this term, we intend to:

  • Learn to read, write and say numbers to 100/1000
  • Discuss digits in a number, their position, their value and importance
  • Identify more/less than, odd/even numbers and number patterns
  • Be able to identify symmetry in shapes, symbols and patterns and create our own symmetrical patterns
  • Develop mental maths skills and understanding of strategies through daily practice




In literacy this term, we intend to:

  • Develop our understanding of a text and it's purpose
  • Develop and extend the range of reading comprehension strategies before, during and after reading
  • Develop and extend our range of vocabulary through tallying, chunking and sounding out
  • Engage with others by listening and talking in turns, and respond with respect

Our Topic for August-December is...


We will be investigating the wonderful world of Minibeasts of all shapes and sizes.  We intend to:

  • Investigate the differences between living and non-living things
  • Sort living things into groups and explain reasoning
  • Differentiate between animals and plants
  • Research different habitats and how they sustain life
  • Investigate the food chain and it's importance to a habitat and the life that survives there
  • Identify symmetry in nature and use it as a stimulus for creative projects
  • Investigate the ways that conservation of the environment can help sustain habitats and life
  • Investigate my home, school and local area and discover the minibeasts which exist all around me

We can't wait to get started!!


Term 4


 We intend to:

  • Research the Isle of Coll to help us write non-fiction texts, such as leaflets and newspaper articles
  • Identify the key features of a letter to enable us to write an imaginative
  • Follow and write a series of instructions
  • Gather facts from an audio-visual source and report these facts to the class



 We intend to:

  • Use simple compass directions and directional language to describe directions of routes and key features on a map
  • Investigate coordinates and grid references
  • Develop our understanding of fractions by identifying a half and quarters
  • Identify the hour and half past on both an analogue and digital clock



We intend to:

  • Use aerial photos to identify man-made and physical features of a landscape
  • Create simple maps using a key and coordinates
  • Investigate the variety of foods produced in Scotland and the roll of agriculture in production of these foods (Farm to Fork)
  • Evaluate our diets and identify foods which are produced in Scotland


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