Pre-School Dance (Mini Movers)

fit kids Mini Movers is a fun, energetic class that aims to introduce co-ordination and movement skills for nursery children. 

The class is designed to get the kids exercising in a fun way which will vary each week. 

Classes are specifically for nursery aged children. 

For more information or to book a place contact
Levenmouth Academy Community Use on 01334 659353.

This class is part of : Fit Kids

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Course Information
Age Group Pre-school
Age Description Aged 3 - 5 years - nursery children
Course Level Introductory
Entry Requirements Activities for Nursery aged children 3 - 5 years...
Study Method Part-Time Evening
Qualifications Gained

Indoor shoes and clothing

Other Information Part of the Mini Magic at LevenMouth Academy - This fun class is for nursery aged children on a Sunday morning from 1100am - 1145am

Course Timetable

Location Date Time


Charge Description Cost
Per Child per week (4-wk block payment) £3.50 £14.00