Pre-School Football (Mini Kickers)

mini kickers These classes target 3-5 year old nursery children to develop individual skills and techniques which are then utilised in the game situation. The popular football lessons take place indoors within the Centre gym hall. All classes are delivered by qualified S.F.A. Coaches.

1000 - 1045 (3-4 years)
1100 - 1145 (4-5 years)

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Published by: Fife Council

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Course Information
Age Group Pre-school
Course Level Introductory
Entry Requirements N/A
Study Method Weekend
Qualifications Gained Football / Co-ordination Skills for Nursery Aged Children
Equipment Required Sports Wear

Course Timetable

Location Date Time


Charge Description Cost
Per Child Per Week (4-wk block payment) £3.50 £14.00