Crail Festival 2016: Angel Hunt

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Angel Hunt - Crail Festival 2016 During the Festival, keep an eye out for shiny little angels which will be popping up in windows all over Crail.

If you are 12 or under, try to find as many angels as you can - each angel will have a number on it. ?When you find an angel, write the name of the shop on the form which is available at the Box Office in the Town Hall from 20th - 29th July.

Complete the other details and hand it back into the Box Office by 12 noon on Friday 29 July - there will be a small prize for each entry form returned.


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Published by: Fife Council

Crail Festival 2016

Times & Venues

Location Date Time
Wednesday 27 July 2016 0:00 -
Thursday 28 July 2016 0:00 -
Friday 29 July 2016 0:00 -


Charge Description Cost
Per entry form £0.20