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Department of Additional Support @ Blairhall Primary School from Monday 9 September

We are very pleased that all DAS pupils are able to stay together and must thank the Blairhall community for mkaing this possible.


  • Individual travel arrangements are aall in place for pupils. If you have any difficulties with these, please call the main school number.
  • Pupils will be collected at 3pm by taxi and returned home.
  • Blairhall primary pupils will meet at the school to be transported to Tulliallan, and will be dropped off there at the end of the day. Our taxis have been arranged so that there is no crossover of pupils in the playground.

School day

  • As it's a longer journey to and from Blairhall, the school day will be altered slightly.
  • Pupils will arrive from 8:40am and a free breakfast club will be provided until the school day begins.
  • Blairhall Nursery pupils will still be using the building but they will have lunch earlier so this won't impact our pupils.
  • Woodmill catering staff will be working with us at Blairhall. The menu may be slightly altered but there will be a good selection of lunch options - if parents would like to see the menu to help pupils choose lunch, please let us know be writing in your pupil's planner.

Additional support

  • Staff our working to ensure a smooth transition. As well as pupil visits to the building before the move, we've created symbols and resources to help pupils feel at home.
  • Staff have had advice on how to support pupils if they are anxious or worried about the fire at Woodmill. Please let us know if you feel your pupil is struggling and we will provide more support.
  • Informal coffee mornings / afternoons will let parents see young people in their new class.


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