Scotland's last duel

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Published: Tuesday 08 Aug 2006 by Fife Council


Last Duel Fought in Scotland


The last duel took place at Cardenbarns Farm on 23rd August, 1826, between George Morgan, bank agent and David Landale, merchant. Landale accused Morgan of making public details of his financial situation. Morgan attacked Landale with his umbrella and later that day, Landale challenged Morgan to a duel. The two men and their seconds met the next day at Cardenbarns Farm. Morgan refused to apologise and the distance was marked off. On the command, both men fired simultaneously and Morgan was killed. Landale was tried for murder at Perth High Court and acquitted. He continued as a respected business man in Kirkcaldy and served as Provost. He died in 1861. 


Postscript : Morgan’s son later married Landale’s daughter and established the jute business known as Landale & Morgan. Landale''s pistols can be seen at Kirkcaldy Museum and Art Gallery.



Archived Feature originally published 08 Aug 2006 - 28 Nov 2003

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