Why smoke free?

As soon as smokers stop smoking, the body begins to repair the damage done almost immediately and they can go on feeling the benefits for the rest of their smoke-free lives.

  • Healthy lungs, heart and blood
  • Breathe easily – not breathless
  • Fitter – not exhausted when exercising
  • Fresh Breath and more Kissable
  • Clean hair and clothes
  • Better sense of taste and smell
  • Nicotine-free teeth and fingers
  • Fresh looks – no wrinkles
  • Feeling healthy – and positive

Smokers who want to stop shoud be positive. They can tell people that they do not smoke. They will smell better and after a few weeks they should feel better, taste their food better and be coughing less. You will also have a lot more money.


Are you ready to stop smoking?

Step 1: Write down all the things you like about smoking


Step 2: Write down the reasons why you want to stop


Step 3: Set a date for stopping not too far ahead and stick to it


Step 4: At your quit date chuck out your matches, ashtrays, lighters and cigarettes


Step 5: Plan what you are going to do when you have a craving for a smoke


Step 6: Tell people that you are giving up smoking. It can sometimes be easier if you are quitting with someone as you can support each other


Sometimes thoughts about having a cigarette will come into your mind and the temptations might be very strong. This is when positive thinking or talking to yourself will help your achieve your goal.


Negative Thoughts

Positive Thoughts

I’m worried I’ll put on weight if I stop smoking

Even if you put on a couple of pounds to start with it’s better than smoking . You can lose it later Try eating chewing gum or sugar-free mints

I enjoy smoking with my friends

If they are real friends they will support your decision to stop smoking.

I’m worried my friends will think I’m a wimp if I stop smoking.

Use any excuse, tell them you are in training to get fitter. Tell them you are stopping for a bet and suggest that one of your smoking friends could stop with you.

Smoking keeps me calm and helps me when I’m stressed

Cigarette smoking makes you stressed. Nicotine is a stimulant and actually causes stress.


The Smoke Free Class competition is for S1 pupils in schools in Fife.

The competition runs from January to June every year and over 850 pupils took part in 2010.


There are a number of prize draws throughout the competition.


Winners of the first prize draw were: Class 1L4 at Buckhaven High School

Second prize draw were Class 1B8 of Queen Margaret High School

Main prize draw were - Class 1C1 of Kirkland High School


For more information contact

UR Health Fife
Contact UR Health Fife online
By Post: Fife Council, Auchterderran Centre 14 Woodend Road Auchterderran Cardenden Lochgelly Fife KY5 0NE


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